Are Designer Dog Beds a Waster of Money?

It seems that over the last several years more and more people are spending large amounts of money on their pets. Some say that this trend was started by some celebrities, who tend to go all out for their pets. Dogs seem to be the ones who get the most amount of money spent on them. One item that seems to be particularly popular among dog lovers is the designer dog bed. When I say, designer, I am not referring to the cheaper designer beds, I am talking about the designer beds which cost thousands of dollars. However, are these beds really worth the money or are you just paying for a name?
As with any product the more famous and popular the name on the tag the more money you are going to pay. You should, however, take the time to find out if your dog is even going to want to sleep in this designer dog bed. For instance, some dogs don’t like sleeping on certain types of beds. If your dog prefers to curl up at night, then you may need to get them a certain style bed so that they are comfortable curling up. Other dogs like to stretch out and will need a bed that will allow them to do this. Most designer dog beds are all about the look. They come in all types of outrages styles and colors that are made to match just about any room d├ęcor. There is nothing wrong with trying to get your pooches bed to make your room colors, but I don’t really think your dog is going to care either way. Remember that for animals it really is all about the comfort not the look. Some designer dog beds are even made similar to our beds, just in a smaller version.

Another thing that you will need to consider before purchasing a bed for your dog is to make sure that they are not going to shred it all up. It would definitely be horrible if you were to spend a lot of money on a designer bed only to have it shredded to pieces. You should be sure about the quality and durability of the bed. The bottom line is that there are much more affordable choices to choose from, and just because you choose the cheaper designer bed does not mean that you don’t love your dog. One feature about these designer dog beds that I did like was the fact that some came with a heating or cooling pad.

This is really nice especially for older dogs that may have health issues. Of course, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get warming or cooling pad and a bed for your dog, but it you like the idea of a two in one feature, then splurging just once may be worth it.

There is nothing wrong with buying your dog a designer bed that is definitely your own choice. However, as I have already suggested you may want to find out if your dog will even use it. You can test this out by buying one of the cheaper dog beds at your local store to see if they would like.

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