Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

You just got a new puppy and have to bring him into your home with all of your other animals. I know that is what I had to do when I bought my male English Mastiff, and it took some time to get him introduced to the other animals. However, I did manage to get him introduced to my other animals without any big fights or problems other than some that were to be expected. So here is how I introduced my male English Mastiff to my female mastiff, male Labrador retriever, male Yorkshire Poodle, and my two cats without any massive fights.

The first thing that I did was kept him outside on a leash while my husband got the other dogs. Now he was very nervous and shy when he saw all the other dogs coming out to sniff him out. However, once I managed to get him unwrapped from around my legs, he noticed that the other dogs were not that bad. Granted he did not stray from my side for the first couple of days, but he was slowly building up a sniffing relationship with the other dogs.

The second big challenge to overcome was bringing him into the house. Now here is where some more of the issues came about because the other dogs didn’t really want to let him in the house, but we contained them to one room, and he came in slowly and sniffed around. Then after he was settled into that one room he was in, we let the other dogs out of the room they were pinned up in, and they came running out and sniffed him over again. He slowly got used to the sniffing and would wander around the house from time to time out of my vision range, but close enough that if one of the other animals challenged him, he could come running back.

The third problem was he came from a house where the old owner’s other dog would pick on him and scratch on him. So he was really shy and timid in the playing idea. However, our female English Mastiff managed to get him to become more playful, and that is what really helped bring him out of his shell the most and prevented any fights.

Bringing a new dog into your home is challenging if you have other animals, but if you let the new dog take his time in getting to know everyone else, it will not be that hard. I know from my own experience that my dog adjusted quickly and the other dogs accepted him quickly by using the methods above.

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